President Message

Keep on pursuing a dream and ambition “For maximum palatability from all our hearts”

Since inauguration of business, SK FOODS has continued manufacturing authentic products under the motto : “A customer’s smile is the source of our happiness.” In the recent trend of placing growing emphasis on food safety, the authentic value of products is in demand, and is comprised of “taste, safety, reliability and healthy” along with a prices that is in balance with those elements. Frozen food of stable storage, achieved not through the help of additives but merely by quick freezing. Must be the ideal food in satisfying the needs of today.

SK FOODS has been committed to pursuing the freshness and safety of shrimps, their major raw material. This commitment spurred us into offshore manufacturing activities, using shrimps raised in extensive shrimp culture in Indonesia. Where some old traditions are still alive to a large extent. Maximum freshness of shrimps can be preserved in products only by raising shrimps in extensive culture ponds utilizing the natural landscape to allow their living environment to be as close their natural as possible, and then manufacturing products characterized by the intact sweetness and taste of shrimps at a wholly owned local plant. In addition, after having been engaged in research and development activities  for more than 10 years in achieving such an advanced level of “taste, safety, reliability and healthy”, the construction of a hatchery facility was finally ready. This then allowed us to establish a vertically integrated system which covers all the processes from mother shrimps to finished product and assures safety trough complete elimination of the use of antibiotic and antibacterial agents.

Environmental protection is an even growing challenge to every business entity. Although SK FOODS has promoted various initiatives to protect the environment, the company is not yet content with what it has achieved and will not cease in facilitating activities that improve the environment in its business. The happiness SK FOODS absolutely rests with eco-friendly business activities and the happiness of a broad range of customers through its products. To expand his chain of happiness, SK FOODS will continually seek innovation along with boundless “dreams and ideals”.


President Director

Hengki Ang