Hatchery-by-airRaising shrimp in a virtually natural environment through our unique system.

We have constructed a “hatchery” in Situbondo, Indonesia, a location blessed with excellent water quality. The hatchery hatches spawn collected from mother shrimp and raises newly-hatched larvae until they can be kept freely in the extensive cultivation ponds. We have develop a unique system at SK FOODS to to raise shrimp primarily on plant and animal plankton* (organic feed) without giving them compound feed. *We also cultivate plankton feed at our specialist cultivation laboratory.

  • Newly- hatched larvae tanks

We have 20 newly-hatched larvae feeding tanks in operation, each with capacity of 20t. Hatchery-tankWater quality management is carried out 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.



  • Mother shrimp

Hatchery-brookstockThe mother shrimp are approximately 30 cm long and raised in specialist water tanks. Each shrimp lays between 100.000 to 8000.000 eggs.



Egg laying trough to hatching and shipment

After the eggs are laid and larvae hatched, the shrimp are carefully raised for approximately 3 weeks. During this time the shrimp molt repeatedly and undergo huge changes.


Fry-Egg Fry-Nauplius Fry-Zoea1 Fry-Zoea2 Fry-PL2
 1. Laid eggs  2. Naupilus  3. Zoea  4. Mysis  5. Postlarvae